13-Year-Old Running for Governor as Democrat, His Biggest Issue Will Have Conservatives Cringing

A 13-year-old is set to run for governor of Vermont as a Democrat. Yes, for real.

At this point, liberals deserve to have kids running the country. Democrats are basically children themselves who have yet to mature.

Check this out…

From Daily Wire:

A teenager in Vermont is running for governor as a Democrat because he wants to ban semi-automatic weapons, saying that the state “needs” far-left gun control.

Ethan Sonneborn, 13, participated in the March For Our Lives event earlier this month to protest against gun violence, NBC 5 reported.

“My generation has been taking an important step in this because we’re the ones were getting shot,” Sonneborn told the network. “This affects us directly and people who say it can’t happen in Vermont, we came this close to it happening in Vermont. It will happen in Vermont if we don’t take action.”

MyNBC5 has more:

Sonneborn was one of about 2,500 people who participated in the March for our Lives in Montpelier.

He said he would like to see an assault-weapons ban added to Vermont’s current bill.

Republican Gov. Phil Scott is against that measure.

Liberal CNN has more on Ethan:

But being 13 poses some unique challenges for a candidate.

One of them, says Vermont Democratic Party Executive Director Conor Casey, is school.

“It’s funny, his biggest barrier is complications to being in school while simultaneously running for governor — not that I’m advocating that he drop out,” Casey said.


“Also, not having a driver’s license. He’s dependent on other people for rides to statewide events he speaks at.”

Ethan says his age shouldn’t be a factor; his perspective should.

His platform has featured gun control since he announced his candidacy in 2017.

“I’ll admit when I first heard about a 13-year-old running, I thought, ‘Is this some kid from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, spoiled?’ But that’s not the case,” Casey said.


“Ethan really did embrace the gun issue early on. He’s representing younger people and he’s been a good voice for them.”

Ethan acknowledges hunting is an important part of life in New England.

Ethan’s parents aren’t very political, he says. But his passion was stoked early on when he bought an encyclopedia featuring Robert F. Kennedy at a local garage sale when he was 5.


“I’ve always admired some of the great coalition builders of the modern era — MLK Jr., Robert F. Kennedy — who came from all walks of life to accomplish a common goal,” Ethan said.

“You don’t have to be a Kennedy or a famous minister to be a coalition builder. You just have to have an issue you care about and be willing to speak out on your platform.”

And he does that very well, says Jessica Barewicz, his principal at Mt. Abraham Union Middle/High School.

Hey, Ethan, there’s a reason people under the age of 18 aren’t allowed to vote. It’s because only then are they more knowledgeable about the issues everyday Americans are facing – in many cases. It has to do with brain functionality.

Wouldn’t it be smart to at least have a governor with a high school education who can, at least, you know, drive a car?

[Note: This post was written by John S. Roberts]

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