Shep Smith Commits Ultimate Betrayal Against Fox Hosts, but Hannity Is Quick to Get Revenge

Shep Smith managed to tick off fellow Fox employees Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham when he ripped Fox opinion programming, as “strictly to be entertaining,” not news. But Hannity and Ingraham came back at him with both barrels in response.

Smith did an interview with Daniel D’Addario of Time Magazine entitled “Shep Smith Has the Hardest Job on Fox News” in which he blasted opinion programming.

From Biz Pac Review:

“Some of our opinion programming is there strictly to be entertaining,” he said.

“We serve different masters,” the 54-year-old anchor who was just re-signed by the network to a multiyear contract as Fox’s chief news anchor and managing editor of breaking news, according to The Hill.

“We work for different reporting chains, we have different rules. They don’t really have rules on the opinion side. They can say whatever they want. If it’s their opinion,” Smith said of the network’s news division lineup, including Hannity’s primetime show.

“I don’t really watch a lot of opinion programming,” Smith added. “I’m busy.”

He then went on to attack American politics in general, saying he didn’t like politics and thought that “politics in America was weird and creepy, and lacked a connection to reality.”


It would be curious to see what country Smith believes has politics that has a ‘connection to reality” or does he just hate America?

Sean Hannity fired back.

“While Shep is a friend with political views I do not share, and great at breaking news, he is clueless about what we do every day,” Hannity responded Friday, defending his show as one that “breaks news daily.”

Laura Ingraham tagged in as well.

From The Hill:

“Always liked Shep, but his comments were inconsiderate & inaccurate. The hard working team at the Ingraham Angle does real reporting, develops impt sources and scores big interviews. Very proud of them,” Ingraham wrote to her 2.13 million followers.

Many pointed out, quite accurately, that Shep Smith’s show often deviates from actual news to Smith’s personal opinion and his own biases against President Donald Trump, among others.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]

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