New report: Number of felonies committed by illegals is way beyond our worst nightmare

We shared a story yesterday that there’s a movement within the progressive socialist left to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency. The disparaging references hurled at this agency of Americans seeking to protect us from those here illegally, especially criminally on top of being here illegally, were appalling. If the left doesn’t believe we have borders to secure, then one can only deduce that they do not believe in nor support our sovereignty as a Constitutional Republic. It means they fully support lawlessness…on top of disarming law-abiding, legal gun-owning Americans.

That folks is a recipe for disaster, the collapse of our nation.

And here is further evidence why we need ICE to prevent the incursion of criminal illegal immigrants into America.

As reported by my colleagues at, “The Internal Revenue Service in 2011 through 2016 documented more than 1.3 million cases of identity theft perpetrated by illegal aliens, according to information published by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). 

However, in response to inquiries from, the IRS could not say if it had referred even one of these cases for criminal prosecution. TIGTA, which is the inspector general responsible for overseeing the IRS, discovered another approximately 1.2 million cases in 2017 in which an illegal alien working in the United States had filed a tax return reporting wages that had been earned using a Social Security Number that belonged to someone else or was fabricated. Yet the IRS also could not say whether it referred any of these cases for criminal prosecution. 

Using a stolen or fake Social Security Number is a felony. 

“The Social Security Act,” TIGTA has noted, “provides that whoever, with the intent to deceive, falsely represents a number to be his or her SSN when, in fact, that number was not assigned to that person, shall be guilty of a felony and subject to a fine, imprisonment, or both. This includes using a false SSN to obtain employment.”

What this report tells us is that since 2011 there have been 2.5 million cases of identity theft, via Social Security numbers, perpetrated by illegal immigrants who committed this felony in order to file illegal tax returns. What’s even more disturbing is we don’t know if these cases had been referred to ICE,or any law enforcement agency for criminal prosecution. What we do know is that the Obama IRS spent time persecuting grassroots constitutional conservative groups in order to restrict their political activity. And oh by the way, John Koskinen and Lois Lerner are off scot free, and earning taxpayer-funded pensions.

I want y’all to consider what this report has uncovered — 2.5 million cases of felony crimes done by illegal immigrants in the United States. Now, this doesn’t mean this was perpetrated by 2.5 million individuals — chances are these are repeat offenders. But they should not be walking freely on our streets. What has to alarm you, our astute readers, is that the number increased in just 2017 beyond what was known between 2011-2016. This means those guilty of these felony crimes fear no retribution and are increasing their efforts.

So, guess what? This means the U.S. Treasury is issuing out refund checks to fraudulently filed tax returns. Only an idiot would believe these illegally filed tax returns resulted in a check being written to the U.S. Treasury. Now, how many billions of dollars have been erroneously issued due to the filing of criminal, felony, illegally filed tax returns by illegal immigrants?

Another aspect to this is potentially we have employers providing illegal immigrant employees Social Security numbers for filing. If that is the case, we know why we need e-Verify systems implemented. 

“The approximately 1.3 million cases of employment-related identity theft documented and recorded by the IRS in 2011 through 2016, involved foreign nationals whom the IRS had given Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs). So, too, did the approximately 1.2 million cases of illegal aliens using Social Security Numbers that belonged to someone else or had been fabricated that TIGTA discovered in 2017. The IRS first began issuing ITINs in 1996. The purported purpose was to give foreign nationals who have a tax liability inside the United States an identification number to use when filing tax returns. To qualify for an ITIN, an individual must be a foreign national and must not be eligible to receive a Social Security Number. So, who gets an ITIN? The chief counsel of the IRS determined that the foreign nationals living inside the United States who qualify for an ITIN—because they are not eligible for a Social Security Number—are in fact illegal aliens.”

So, we’ve implemented a policy for those foreign nationals here unable to attain a SSN to be able to work and file taxes. Yet, these same individuals are also committing a felony offense by illegally using someone else’s SSN.

As we continue to hear the left decry the plight of the DACA recipients, what about the felony fraud being enacted against American taxpayers? Here is yet another example of what needs to be fixed in our immigration system before we go “granting” amnesty to anyone. Also, ponder this, if the left had its way and we had no ICE to enforce our immigration laws, how even worse would this situation be?

And sadly, why is this increasing? Because we didn’t take any enforcement actions, and it appears we still haven’t. This earns our coveted FUBAR designation.

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