Walmart Appeals To Gun Control Push, But Gets Brutal Payback During Student Walkout

About two weeks ago, Walmart sought to appeal to those pushing gun control. They joined Dick’s Sporting Goods and raised the minimum age for people to purchase either guns or ammunition from them to 21 years old.

They’ve also stopped selling any items that might possibly resemble AR-15s or anything the media wrongly calls ‘assault rifles,’ items such as non-lethal airsoft guns and toys.

But Walmart actually stopped selling any ‘assault weapons’ and accessories in 2015 and they only sell handguns in Alaska, according to Reuters.

Well, on Wednesday, during the national school walkout, they got paid back for their virtue signaling.

Chicago students who were excused from school for 17 minutes during the national walkout went right across the street and trashed a Walmart.

From Fox 32:

Chicago police say it started when students at neighboring Simeon Career Academy were allowed to leave the school for 17 minutes to take part in the nationwide walkout to protest guns.

Police say between 40 and 60 of those students crossed the street and trashed parts of the store, knocking over product displays, yanking items off shelves, breaking packages and stealing small items like chips and candy.

Employees were shocked by the damage. Police are trying to identify the students involved and a Chicago Public School’s spokesman said that they were investigating the matter as well.

From Washington Times:

“We worked too hard to get to try and get these national retailers here in our community, and this doesn’t help us. It makes no sense to tear up the community, which you call home,” Alderman Howard Brookins of Chicago’s 21st Ward told a local Fox affiliate.

Amateur footage posted to social media includes on officer looking at the damage while exclaiming, “Oh my God. Look how they tore up our store!”

The students will probably be charged with misdemeanors and face some school discipline.

So here’s the thing.

It’s pretty clear that this was school inspired to just let them out, as the young student interviewed noted. “They told us we could go outside for 17 minutes and we just took it on ourselves to go over to the Walmart.” No intention whatever to honor the Parkland shooting victims, no apparent organization. Just use whatever for the political point.

It made a point alright. Just maybe not the point that they wanted.

Schools shouldn’t be involved in political actions. And they shouldn’t be just releasing kids out into the streets.

And these kids took advantage of the time just to trash the store.

Karma of bad liberalism all around.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]

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