If You Compare Pelosi’s Reaction To Tillerson Being Nominated, Then Fired, You’ll See Just How Clueless She Is

Nancy Pelosi has been having a really hard time with the whole Trump being president thing. You can just tell that she still hasn’t wrapped her head around it. You know who else hasn’t figured it out? The mainstream media.

They were completely broadsided by the fact that Trump fired Tillerson today despite the fact that it’s been pretty much a guarantee for months. Today, they acted like crazy people after the announcement. There’s no other way to explain it. Nancy Pelosi was right there with them.

Here’s what Nancy said when Tillerson was nominated.

Here’s what she said when Tillerson was fired.

You catch that?

The internet sure did.

Hiring Tillerson was bad because Putin. Firing Tillerson is bad because Putin.

Bill Kristol got in on the action, too.

This Russia collusion farce has made people lose their minds.

Here’s Chelsea Handler’s take.

What is wrong with these people?

You can’t have it both ways guys and Putin can’t be responsible for everything.

Mollie Hemmingway wrote a great piece at The Federalist gathering up all the media brainiacs who were making the same ridiculous arguments.

The idea that Trump fired Tillerson because he was upset at Tillerson being too tough on Russia is delusional. Tillerson rather famously disagreed with Trump on Jerusalem, Qatar, North Korea, and Iran. Trump said earlier today, in fact, “When you look at the Iran deal, I think it’s terrible.” Tillerson, he said, thought “it was okay. I wanted to either break it or do something, and he felt a little bit differently. So we were not really thinking the same.”

Even Saturday Night Live is making fun of conspiracy theorists who still cling to a theory that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election from its rightful heir Hillary Clinton. When you’ve lost Saturday Night Live during its resistance-isn’t-funny era, you’re in bad shape.

The idea that Trump fired Tillerson over Russia is also a complete narrative flip from where the media were when he was nominated. Then, the nomination of Rex Tillerson to be Secretary of State was evidence for the Treasonous Collusion With Russia Conspiracy Theory!

It’s really just laughable how the media isn’t even trying at this point. The Cold War has been over a long time and Russia is a fraction as powerful as they were back in those days. They have one military base outside of Russia. They are not even remotely the global threat that the liberal media has pretended they are and it was the same media that mercilessly mocked Romney when he warned about Russia during a debate with Obama. Again, trying to have it both ways.

This idea that Russia is somehow pulling the strings of the Trump admin. is not only silly but it’s incredibly disrespectful to the millions of Americans out there who rejected the course Obama had us on and voted Trump into the White House.

Make no mistake. This collusion narrative was completely made up out of thin air to keep Trump from the presidency and then remove him from it. Period.

H/T Washington Free Beacon

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]

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