Dem mayor resigns after conviction for theft and illicit affair, but it’s her mugshot that has everyone talking

Boy howdy, it’s always funny to catch the progressive socialist left in their own foolishness. You can learn a lot about what the liberal progressive media is NOT reporting. Like remember the up and coming openly gay mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray, who ended up resigning over five child sex abuse allegations? Yeah, that kinda got past MSNBC. Or, how about when openly lesbian mayor of Houston, Annise Parker, decided she was going to subpoena sermons of pastors? Yeah, CNN kinda missed that one.

But, right now, the leftist media is storming about over a porn actress, Stormy Daniels, and her alleged affair with private citizen, Donald Trump.

Hmm, methinks this following story has more significance. If you’re a liberal, and attractive, you can get away with almost anything.

As reported by Fox News, “She lost her job as mayor of Nashville, had her rising reputation damaged by a messy two-year affair with her bodyguard and pleaded guilty to theft. But at least Megan Barry has a really good mug shot.

You do have to admit…

The telegenic former chief executive of country music’s hometown was booked Tuesday before she pleaded guilty to misappropriating more than $10,000 in city funds to carry on her scandalous affair with Robert Forrest, who supervised the mayor’s security detail. Barry, 54, announced her resignation soon after. 

“While my time as your mayor concludes today, my unwavering love and sincere affection for this wonderful city and its great people shall never come to an end,” an emotional Barry said as she resigned. 

Earlier Tuesday, Barry agreed to reimburse the city $11,000 in restitution, and serve three years of probation after pleading guilty to criminal theft. “Thank you judge,” she said after entering the plea in a Nashville courtroom. “I appreciate you.”

In an unusual move, District Attorney Glenn Funk handled the case personally, the Tennessean reported. He said that “had this case gone to trial, witnesses are available who would testify that in March 2016 and January 2018 Megan Barry caused over $10G but less than $60G in Metro Nashville city funds to be expended unlawfully on Mr. Robert Forrest.”

Barry was seen a rising star among Democrats until her admission of the affair with Forrest derailed her first term in office. She became mayor in September 2015. 

In a separate court proceeding Tuesday, Forrest also pleaded guilty to criminal theft in connection with the affair.

He agreed to pay $45,000 restitution to the city, the Tennessean reported. He was also ordered to served three years probation. The revelation of the affair led to an internal investigation, which found probable cause that a nude photo and partially nude photo of a woman found on Forrest’s work cellphone were taken while he was working and the two were engaging in their relationship while he was on duty.”

Yep, another “up and coming” Democrat leader, but can y’all imagine the liberal progressive media coverage if this has been a prominent Republican mayor? Here’s what happened. Mayor Barry — sounds familiar, huh — was using city funds to whisk away with her sweetie, the head of her security detail, to faraway places…and I’m not talking about Gatlinburg or Pigeon Force, Tennessee…nah, they were off to Europe and such. And nude photos, on the work cellphone — yes, the one the Nashville taxpayers were funding — were uncovered. 

What has to steam y’all is that for the crime, and I mean a serious crime, of criminal theft, this mayor will only receive a three-year probation. I mean shouldn’t this be a felony charge and the photogenic mayor be spending some jail time? Heck, chances are she could come back and run for mayor of Nashville all over again…don’t laugh, another Mayor Barry did the same. Heck, maybe in the future she’ll have a statue made of her in downtown Nashville, as another Democrat Mayor Barry had done.

And that is the real essence of this missive — the lack of coverage and outrage from the media. You can just ponder on how much of this would have been front and center EVERY night if it were a Republican. And yes, it would have somehow been tied back to President Trump — you know I’m right. So, why is there this blatant duplicitous double standard?

I’m a graduate of the University of Tennessee, so I have many a friend back there in the Volunteer State. Many told me about this mayor and how far left, progressive she was. They also lamented the way Nashville — kinda like Austin, Texas — as the capitol of Tennessee does not reflect the values of Tennessee. Folks, regardless of your political affiliation, character matters, but for the progressive socialist left, it only matters as a political weapon.

As the lesson of Jesus Christ says in the Gospel of Matthew 7:3-5 (NIV),   “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?  How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

Oddly, the Democrats can meet with someone like a Louis Farrakhan and escape any scrutiny or consequences, and that also includes a smiling Senator Barack Obama. Yet, the progressive socialist left is always trying to castigate President Trump as a racist and associate him with white supremacists. Funny, the left fights so vehemently and defends an organization founded by a white supremacist and racist named Margaret Sanger — of course the organization is Planned Parenthood. Doggone, did anyone on the left mention THAT as the Planned Parenthood leader, Cecile Richards, stood on the stage at the Oscars?

The Democrats, America’s socialist party, have plenty of scandals and issues, they just have a propaganda wing called the liberal progressive media that covers for them. Former Mayor Megan Barry of Nashville should be formally charged with a felony crime, tried, and sentenced to prison. What she did was wrong on so many levels, but at the time of committing her crimes, she obviously felt impervious to prosecution, scrutiny, and no shame. She confessed to her guilt only because she was caught, yet she suffers no real consequences. Why are there no consequences? Because the left will see her as a victim somehow, and just like another crook called Al Sharpton, she’ll end up with a show on MSNBC.

In this week’s Old School Patriot podcast I hit back at those who want to destroy the 2nd Amendment in the wake of the Florida school shootings and one person in particular needs to be fired. Click here to listen.

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