Idyllic vacation spot turns ugly after Christians are publicly flogged

Ok, break out the “Coexist” bumper stickers, y’all. Here we go again, the hypocrisy shows itself once more. Now, of course, I’m gonna be called names by the progressive socialist leftists and their Islamo-fascist friends, but this story pretty much speaks for itself.

As reported by Fox News, “Indonesia publicly caned two Christians in a rare case of non-Muslims punished under sharia law. The two Indonesian Christians – Dahlan Silitonga, 61, and Tjia Nyuk Hwa, 45 – were whipped six and seven times respectively by a masked man wearing a robe, as a crowd of 300 ridiculed and took pictures of them outside a mosque in the provincial capital, Banda Aceh. 

The strict Islamic law punishment against the Christian man and woman comes as the predominantly Muslim country shifts to a more radical, politicized version of Islam, Reuters reported. The pair – among five people punished – was accused of gambling. Police said they were playing a game at a children’s entertainment complex that lets users exchange coins for prizes or vouchers, including cash. They were beaten with a rattan stick, while another man involved with them got 19 lashes. Another couple was whipped two dozen times for showing affection in public. Banda Aceh is the only province in Indonesia that imposes sharia law since it was adopted in 2001 as part of a deal with the central government to end a long-running insurgency. The province has flogged its non-Muslim citizens for a range of offenses – from gambling to selling alcohol to having gay or extramarital sex.

“This is to create a deterrent effect, in order for people not to repeat violations of Islamic sharia law,” Banda Aceh’s mayor Aminullah Usman said. “We purposely do it in front of the public … so it won’t happen again.”

So, first of all, let me get this straight, instead of squashing the Islamist insurgency in its country, they just cut a deal with them? Here, go ahead, and you can have your sharia law within our country. I thought Indonesia was a member of the United Nations? I suppose human rights, religious liberty and protection are defined in a different way? Well, I can bet Nikki Haley will be all over this. And where are the screams of injustice from the usual suspects here in America? Can you imagine a “public flogging” of Muslims in America, the abject outrage? Heck, we now know that there are also these sharia “no-go zones” appearing in Western nations as well…Angela Merkel admitted to such. And of course, even there, you must adhere to the polices of sharia law, or else face consequences. The local law enforcement doesn’t even venture into these areas.

But here we are in the 21st century, and this is what we’re allowing to happen? There should be sanctions against Indonesia for allowing this to happen. There can be no violations of religious liberty. And to think, here in America we have folks upset about Christians not baking a cake. Well, don’t go vacationing in Indonesia; you may find yourself getting publicly flogged.

I don’t suppose playing Bingo is accepted there as well. They probably see that as gambling. This is why we cannot allow groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and its subsidiary, the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR, Hamas in America) to thrive. So, I ask the rhetorical question, who wants to “coexist?” And who wants domination?

This cannot be tolerated and I am truly beside myself upon reading this report. I say we reform our immigration system and start allowing these persecuted Christians to find safe harbor here in America. Then again, maybe I’m incorrect, since the progressive socialists enabling secular humanists are also seeking to publicly humiliate Christians. Just look at former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee stepping off the Country Music Foundation Association board, since some gay country music producer disapproved.

You can physically beat someone, but sometimes the mental beatings are just as bad. After all, there are Christians in America losing their businesses…and that is a form of public embarrassment, humiliation, and beating from the government.

Dang, who knows, maybe the physical public floggings aren’t too far away? This is truly an example of FUBAR.

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