One Idea Surfaces After The Florida School Shooting, Goes Viral, Would Be An Absolute Game-Changer For Our Country

Liz Wheeler is a millennial. But she’s definitely an unusual millennial. Still under 30, she has written an Amazon bestseller, has her her own business and is now the host of the conservative show Tipping Point on One Amerca News Network reaching millions. Her show, she says, is aimed at reaching millennials and focusing on the issues that they care about and how they affect their lives.

One issue uppermost on the minds of many is the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. While everyone wants to keep the children safe and not have such things ever happen again, the question is how to best protect them effectively.

Naturally, Democrats immediately call for gun control, whether or not it is efffective at stopping anything.

The best example of that is Chicago, which has some of the tightest gun control laws in the country. And it is a haven of gang murder, often tagged the ‘murder capital of the world.’

Wheeler has frequently taken on the gun control point as she does here in the following video, calling out the many problems with Democrats’ arguments. Here she is a few months ago, taking on Jimmy Kimmel, after the Las Vegas shooting.

Wheeler talks about the hypocrisy of Jimmy Kimmel crying after the shooting in Las Vegas and calling for gun control as he sits behind the studio doors, safe with his group of armed security that he would deny others. Why do they blame the firearm and not the criminal, when they are surrounded by armed security, she says.

She notes increased background checks wouldn’t stop those without a record like Stephen Paddock or Nikolas Cruz.

Wheeler also points out that if the point is the gun is evil, somehow you’re still having people killed in mass events by things like bombs and even trucks.

She also makes a great point for all those know yelling about the AR-15 which liberals always cast as the evil enemy, ‘killing machine,’ ‘weapon of war.’ She says maybe before they talk they should learn what they are talking about. Most liberals somehow believe it’s an automatic and fires faster than a normal rifle (it doesn’t). They don’t know automatics are already illegal. And they don’t know that an AR-15 fires one bullet per trigger pull and is not an ‘assault rifle’ no matter how many times that media mistakenly calls it an assault rifle. She points out that the man who stopped Devin Kelly during the Texas church shooting was armed with an AR-15. Had he not been, more people may have died.

Wheeler has spoken about having more armed security in schools.

But she added to that with an interesting idea that would no doubt drive liberals to distraction.

Wheeler has a unique idea to help keep children safe.

“I have a great idea. Why don’t we take the $500,000,000 we give Planned Parenthood every year & use it to hire armed security guards for schools.”

In response, someone also suggested they throw in the UN aid money that has been cut and hire former police or veterans.

And not just one for 3000 students Wheeler said on her show on Friday. Enough to protect the students.

Great idea. The GOP just has to have the stuffing to carry it through to fruition.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]

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